"The Window"

- The World's only comic strip to start and regularly appear on glass!!!

     "The Window" is the cartoon strip that is literally drawn on the windows located at the corner of 5th and Columbia streets in downtown Lafayette, IN.  First appearing on March 17, 2009, the comic strip originally featured two cats, Sam and Maze. 

     The comic strip's home is 2 blocks from the center of town and is right at street level.  This unique location allows for the comic strip to "interact", and be interacted with, by the viewer.  Several strips allow for the viewer/reader to actually insert themselves into the strip. 

     "The Window" is drawn by Bids, a mysterious person who started the comic strip simply for a creative outlet.  Bids based the cats and their attitudes on several cartoon characters and particularly two favorite Muppet characters, Waldorf and Statler.  Bids never claims to be an artist (no artistic training whatsoever), but hopes that most of the time he's funny enough.  The cartoon is updated on the windows roughly every week. 

     After a the comic strip received a little attention from the local TV station and then the local paper, Bids started a small company.  Bids Art, LLC was created to merchandize some of the strip in order to raise money for animal shelters.  Thus far, every character in "The Window" is based on an animal that was rescued from an animal shelter (except Bids himself, of course - the cats do often talk back to their owner). 

     Having grown larger than Bids ever expected, he's looking to do more with the comic to see if he can make a real difference in the lives of some other sheltered animals.  Please check back often for updates and the new things that Bids comes up with. 

     Thank you for reading and watching! 


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