6/24/10 - She said "YES!"

>  Through the comic's Facebook fanpage, one of Bids' fans found him and sent him a request.  Joe, wanted a unique way to propose to his girlfriend, Shayla (who is also a fan), and he wanted the cats' help.  So, the following 6/24 Edition was specifically created for the couple.  That night, Joe led her to the comic, around the corner, and sprung the question.  According to Joe, "It was absolutely perfect!"

    Bids was also able to get in touch with Laura Kirtley at WLFI TV-18, and she did a story on the engagement the next Monday morning.  Click here to see the story on WLFI's website


"The Window" as it appeared from Columbia Street - 6/24/10



And then, the West Window (off 5th Street)



The "Classic View"

The additional 4th and West Windows together




Special NOTEs


I wish you two the best of luck and happiness!  I was happy to help out. 

                                      - BidS


June 24, 2010 Joe and Shayla's Engagement

A first for "The Window", Bids' neighbor (at the time) contacted him through Facebook and asked if "The Window" could help him propose to his girlfriend.  See what happened!!  HERE