> The Character - The elder statesman of "The Window", Sam has been around the block quite a few times.  Sam has spent the last 13+ years watching the same cartoons Bids has which could be where Sam gets the wise-cracking attitude. 

    Sam spends quite a bit of time looking out the window, partially just to get the sun, but also to check out everything outside.  Upon seeing what the world looks like, Sam usually makes a comment or two and then heads back inside the blinds or takes a nap. 

> The Real Sam - The real Sam is actually Samantha.  Rescued from the animal shelter here in Lafayette back in 1997, Sam has accompanied Bids on all of his travels since then.  Sam has relatively simple tastes, preferring an old towel to a custom-made cat bed and often eschews her cat toys in favor of those rings from plastic milk bottles.  Despite her age, she's still incredibly agile and there's no surface she can't get to in the apartment.  If you see her in the window, she'll probably try to talk to you if you tap on the glass. 






> The Character - Maze is the younger, heftier cat in "The Window". Maze isn't quite as knowledgeable as Sam, but still has a natural curiosity and a comparable wise-cracking attitude. Quite often, Maze is the one asking the questions in "The Window".  


> The Real Maze - Maze is actually Mazie. She was rescued by Bids' mother back in Ohio. Mazie was found at the Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, OH. [See Friends of Felines on our Friends Page!] A gentle, timid cat, Mazie didn't quite fit in with her two sisters in Bids' mother's house. So, when Bids' second cat passed away, his mother gave him Mazie to see if she'd come out of her shell a little bit.






> The Character - Syd is the ghost in "The Window".  Syd can obviously pull off things that those of us stuck in the ethereal plane can not and has sight of things others can't.  Syd can be a bit of a troublemaker. 


> The Real Syd - Syd is based on Bids' deceased pet, Sydney.  Sydney was rescued from the outside world back in Cincinnati.  About half the size of a normal car, Sydney was a runt and thus had some health problems.  Those health problem suddenly took her in the late winter of 2008.  




> The Character - Reece is quite a bit different than the rest of the characters.  Technically the oldest character in "The Window", Reece has his own backstory.  And his own website!  Check it out here and get a taste of the oddity that is Reece.  Be forewarned however; Reece calls it like he sees it and he's very opinionated!     REECE'S RANTS HERE


> The Real Reece - Again, Reece is a bit different than the rest.  Check out his website and draw your own conclusions.  ...All we can tell you here is that technically, Reece was first drawn back in the 1960s...



Special NOTEs

New Characters

Bids has ideas for more characters.  He just needs a little more time to develop them.  Keep watching and see what he comes up with.