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Purdue Library

Purdue University's Hicks Undergraduate Library as part of the Indiana Historical Society's traveling display of Indiana Cartoonists

Week 1



Week 1 - The cartoons were drawn in the early morning hours, so the pictures ended up being reflections basically.  Bids apologizes for that.  Here is what the panels say:

Panel 1 - Sam: We go on vacation and this is the view we get?

Maze: No kidding.

Panel 2 - Sam: I'm going to have a talk with Bids.

Panel 3 - Maze (looking back into the library): Yikes! It's worse back here!



Week 2



Panel 1 - Sam: You know, I bet there's a class about facebook somewhere.

Panel 2 - Maze: I bet you're right.

Panel 3 - Maze: And those people are really studying!!



Week 3



This is the cartoon for Bids' presentation.  The presentation illustrated the uniqueness of The Window cartoon in that it allows the reader/viewer to insert themselves into the cartoon itself. 

The idea behind these panels is for the viewer to put themselves in front of the glass and in front of Maze to become part of the cartoon. 

The original location occasionally has cartoons like this, so if you see one, please feel free to put yourself in The Window. 



Special NOTEs