Weekly Publication??!?!?!


Check it out!!  SEE THE COMIC EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!  "The Window" now appears M-F in an email-based newsletter named The TPS Report.  Another creation of Bids, The TPS Report is a simple, 2-page newsletter that comes to you in PDF format to provide daily laughter.  You just have to SIGN UP for the newsletter and you can see the cats 5 days a week (and other hilarious stuff).    Here


New Format!!

We apologize for the delays in updating the website.  However, we hope this new look is a bit better looking than the last.  The pictures of the strip received the first update (the cartoon background) and now the website has been updated.   Please check it out and if you find any "bugs", feel free to send us a note on our contact page.   Here





Latest Edition - 3/17/11

The 3/17/11 edition is posted above.  Check out the other editions in the archives of "The Window".   here


Coming Soon!!!

The Archives section will soon include the comics shown in The TPS Report.  That's 5 days a week of the comic!  Look to your left and you'll see what The TPS Report is all about.  SIGN UP here


Featured Product

"The Window" car window stickers. 

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Flyer Buddies!!!

We're "published"!  The Flyer Buddies is a Lafayette-local, monthly flyer featuring local businesses.  "The Window" has appeared in the Flyer Buddies since November.  ...Being drawn on paper is certainly foreign to the cats...


Special editions

Feb The Indiana Historical Society's Traveling Display of Indiana Cartoonists

The Indiana Historical Society presented a Traveling Display highlighting Indiana Cartoonists (including Jim Davis) and while it was located in the Purdue Undergraduate Library, Bids was invited to give a presentation and display his cartoon for the entire month of February.  UPDATE:  Bids will present 2 new comics during Purdue's "Dead Week" and Exam week.  See them here

Oct - Nov The Purdue Oncological Sciences Center

The Purdue Oncological Sciences Center and the College of Liberal Arts teamed up for an exhibit named Creating Hope: Graphic Novels of Cancer Stories in our Community.  Bids created 3 special editions for "The Window" to promote the event.  See them here